The Imperator, the best way to go to Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant in Nîmes

One of the world's leading French chefs set up shop at Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator to create DUENDE, Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant in Nimes. Here is a brief overview of the culinary journey ahead.


The DUENDE, a starred restaurant in Nîmes


Pierre Gagnaire has succeeded in making DUENDE de The Imperator, orchestrated daily by his protégé Nicolas Fontaine, a new Michelin restaurant in Nîmes. The 2021 edition has succeeded, but this is no accident. More than 40 years of practice, in France and abroad, in the finest restaurants, have forged in him a particular taste for a cuisine that he readily describes as iconoclastic. This Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in Nîmes is just a continuation of what Pierre Gagnaire has been doing since the early 2000s, namely spreading French know-how around the world. Las Vegas, Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris and London, not to mention Tokyo, the world's greatest cities have been won over by his touch of genius. This elite cuisine is shared throughout the world, and in the heart of the simply unique setting of this starred restaurant in Nîmes.


Le DUENDE at the Imperator, the Michelin restaurant in Nîmes for lovers of excellence


The cuisine of Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant in Nîmes is obviously seasonal, local and of high quality. But so are all fine restaurants. But how many are created by one of the most starred chefs in France? How many know how to handle concepts so brilliantly? His table is inimitable and yet it is only part of the pleasure you will have when dining at Pierre Gagnaire's restaurant in Nîmes. The wine list will also make you travel, but mainly in the region. Languedoc, Gard and Herault regions, there are plenty of magnificent wines to choose from. The magnificent cellar of the establishment offers this unique opportunity to discover wonders that only a table like this starred restaurant of Nimes can offer. But the establishment should not make us forget the hotel's brasserie, the Impé, where the menu is more spontaneous, but still under the sign of Pierre Gagnaire's excellence.

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