Discover BOHEMIA,
the Feria at L'Imperator

From September 15th to September 17th, 2023, L'Imperator will once again wear the colors of BOHEMIA for a unique event, where from morning to night, you can meet in its large garden transformed into a Bodega or around a table at the Brasserie L'Impé, all orchestrated by Chef Pierre Gagnaire and his team.

Ongoing live artists

Join BOHEMIA at the Feria de Pentecôte 2024, May 16-20


Re-live the last edition of BOHEMIA in picture

From September 14 to 17, 2023, L'Imperator once again vibrated to the rhythm of the Feria des Vendanges.


If the Feria de Nîmes is an institution, BOHEMIA has become an unmissable event. Brasserie L'Impé had to have an original menu to match the festivities, signed Pierre Gagnaire, to welcome you for an unforgettable BOHEMIA lunch or dinner.


The large garden of L'Imperator is transformed into a bohemian chic bodega, festive and elegant, in the spirit of gispy and flamenco with the music of the 80s revisited to the taste of the day. BOHEMIA creates surprising live artistic encounters and moments of communion that bring everyone together.

The Bodega is open to all, meet at any time of the day in our lounge areas, on the barrels of the large garden, in the patio or at the Hemingway Bar.

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