L'Impé, a brasserie restaurant in Nîmes

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator is a sumptuous establishment steeped in luxury and refinement. This 5-star complex has a brasserie restaurant in Nîmes, L'Impé, not far from the Jardin de la Fontaine and the Maison Carrée. This urban boutique hotel in Nîmes and its brasserie restaurant are the guarantee of an authentic stay in the South of France.

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator, a luxurious hotel in Nîmes with a chic brasserie restaurant

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator invites you to relax and unwind with its brasserie restaurant in the heart of Nîmes. This 5-star establishment in Nîmes houses a brasserie dedicated to an extraordinary culinary experience. The various brigades of cooks and clerks have Pierre Gagnaire, an internationally renowned 3-star chef, as their conductor. He offers the customers of the Nîmes brasserie restaurant an atypical, creative and gourmet cuisine. The ingredients are chosen with great care. The team then uses fresh and seasonal products, processed in different ways to bring out all the flavours. Balanced dishes are created with passion to enhance the palates of the customers of this brasserie restaurant in Nîmes. It is an exceptional place with a refined and hushed decor, a friendly and warm atmosphere, a neat menu and a masterful southern cuisine. The brasserie restaurant is open every day from noon to 3 pm and from 7 pm to 10 pm. It has a view of the garden so that these moments are synonymous with well-being.

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator also has a gourmet restaurant, the Duende. As for the Hemingway bar, it is open from 7 am to midnight and offers signature cocktails. Overlooking the garden, it is characterized by a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator, a 5-star hotel in the heart of Nîmes

Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator has 53 rooms and suites as well as 8 private homes. The refined rooms have elegant decorations in Art Deco, contemporary and modern style. The night spaces of this 5-star establishment invite you to rest with designer and comfortable furniture. They provide a friendly and warm atmosphere with a lounge area for the suites. The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub or Italian shower, private homes to enjoy the 5-star know-how in an intimate setting. The services are in line with customer expectations. The team is composed of friendly and experienced professionals.

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