Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator, your hotel near the Arena of Nîmes

Choosing a hotel near the Nîmes Arena is the certainty of being able to make the most of the city, its heritage and its personality. But choosing the Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator is also to ensure a stay between luxury and exception.

A hotel in the heart of Nîmes

We can say that Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator is a hotel in the heart of Nîmes. There is of course its geographical position, 10 minutes walk from the arenas and also close to the landmarks that are the Maison Carrée or the Jardin de la Fontaine. But it is in the character of this hotel in downtown Nîmes that we understand that we are in the heart of the city's history. There is already its architectural style, there is the style and decoration of each of the rooms, independent villas and common areas. Staying in this hotel in the Arena of Nîmes also means opening the doors of the DUENDE, a world-renowned Pierre Gagnaire restaurant which, here, with its 2 Michelin stars, mixes the inspirations of the South of France with Spain. The table and its wine list are a real trip in themselves.

5 star hotel in the center of Nîmes, the exceptional is the norm

If before entering the Maison Albar Hotels L'Imperator you are already under the spell, you will be even more so when discovering the interior of this hotel near the Arena of Nîmes. Without going into the details of the charm and personality of each room, we can imagine the exceptional work that is done in this 5 star hotel in the Arena of Nimes, we can say how they are a haven of well-being. Soft colors, a lot of sunshine, royal colors like this deep blue enhanced with golden touches in the rooms, everything is amazing. And what can we say about these individual villas, so popular for luxury family vacation in France? Each of these individual homes offers the autonomy, comfort and exclusivity of a high-end setting inspired by the great names who have frequented the hotel such as Hemingway, Ava Gardner and others.

And you are still far from having done the tour of the facilities of this hotel in the Arena of Nîmes, starting with the magnificent Spa Codage.

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